Digital print on Kodak Endura paper

70 x 45 cm

Edition of 5

Photo credit by Bui Cong Khanh

Photographs by Bui The Trung Nam


After long time being difficulty in post-war period, Vietnamese’s life just became prosperous after the open-door policy in 80s. Profusely investments form international companies created a number of opportunities for people who want to earn money and make their life better. However, there was a reversed side as creating the material tendency in part of the community, which is easy to understand as human being after long time in difficultness.

Being with that tendency in-mind, anh along with some easily ways of getting money, people became over ambitious of being prosperous, unlimited. It blears human eyes!

That’s the reason I made the collection named “Dollar Man”, to reflect my worry about a material society – in which everything was guided by money. The photographer, who is my friend also, captured the “process” when I started sticking the first “ghost dollar”, sheet by sheet, until they covered all my face and I couldn’t breath.

DOLLAR MAN Performance participated at:

9-2004: Participated in International Art Performance “Congress-Welcome Gold”, Seoul, Korea.

9-2004: Participated in International Art Performance in Kwang-Ju, Biennale, Korea

4-2005: Participated in Taiwan International Performance Art Festival (Reaching Outlying-2005 TIPALive) at Artist Village, Taipei.

1-2006: Participated in Exhibition and Performance at Java café, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.        

The DOLLAR MAN serie of photograph exhibited at:

9-2009: Intersection VietNam : New works from north & south at Valentine Willie Fine Art ,Singapore.

7-2009: INTERSECTION VIETNAM:New works from north & south at Valentine   Willie Fine Art ,Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia

5-2010: Personal Exhibition painting “JUICE” at Java Café in Phnom Penh ,Cambodia.